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Please help.

I don't have much time left to explain why I need help so I'll type this as quick as I can.

It all started a few weeks ago. Luxray and I were just out on a walk when some pale cloaked guy oh god its knocking again just blocked our path. He pulled out one of his Pokeballs and just said "Battle". Being the ignorant fool I was, of course I accepted. He only nodded in reply. He started out with A Duskull. One crunch from Luxray managed to take it down. The next thing he sent out was a Gastly. "A ghost type trainer, eh? Well, I've delt with plenty of you in the past." Another Crunch From Luxray ended it. Instead of being worried, he only smirked. I thought it was strange at the time, but now I see why he was so smug.

His last pokemon was a Desukan. I didn't know it at the time, but it's haunting glare would be forever burned into my memory.

It took more than one crunch to take it down, but the trainer never ordered it to attack, or to even to defend itself. He just stood there, smug as ever. After one last crunch, Desukan mumbled something in a strange language. Time almost seemed to stand still, but then Desukan crashed to the ground, fainted. The trainer walked up to me, payed me a small amount please stop knocking and left. Luxray and I were both pretty bushed, so we just decided to go home.

Rather than following his usual after noon ritual, eat, stretch then nap, he followed me. He seemed to be a bit worried. It was like this for 3 days. Until the night of the third day...

I woke up to a horrid shrieking, and several zaps of thunder. I dashed outside, to find only to find Luxray, screaming at nothing, shooting thunderbolts at the darkness. I shouted at him. When he turned around, rather than being annoyed from being shouted at, he was relieved. We both slept indoors that night, but I don't think either of us got any sleep.

After that, things only got worse. He began to have these outbursts in the middle of the day. Shrieking, shocking nothing. But at night, It was the worst. Even when he slept in my room, he screamed, scratched things up, and shocked everything. I couldn't sleep, so I just had to let him outside.

Things ere like this for a week. Around the 10th day, He started waking up with scratches that at the time I thought were self inflicted. I patched him up every morning and just ignored it. Finally, on the thirteenth day, I got sick of it.  I dropped him off at the center, and told them that he had just been going crazy. They decided to keep him and see what was going on.

I pat his head, and told him everything was going to be fine. He looked up and stared at me with his bloodshot eyes.  I could have sworn his eyes looked just like please stop im doing what you say The Desukan's eyes.

Later that night, I got a call from the Pokemon Center. Luxray had suffered some deep gashes in his chest. He had passed away a few minutes later.

As for what happened next, I'll just copy and paste my journal here.

- Just heard from the Center. Luxray is gone... It hasn't exactly hit me yet, but I know it's about too.

- It's strange, being alone. I've been with Luxray for so long, that It's a bit unnerving.

- Couldn't sleep last night. Too sad. I miss him so much already.

- Feeling a bit unnerved. Like something's watching me. Think I'm gonna have a friend stay over for awhile.

- Friend's here.

- Friend had to leave early, says that "You have a heavy presence over you, It's too overbearing. I cannot stay here. Farewell." Weird...

- Can't sleep.

- Thought I was hearing tapping outside my window. It was just the tree...

- Wait... my trees branches were trimmed recently.

- I'm going insane. I think it's the lack of sleep, but I'm not to sure anymore.

- Got some over the counter sleeping meds. Lets hope they work.

- Got sleep last night. Had a Horrible nightmare. I saw the eyes of the Desukan, just staring at me...

- I went outside again today. Haven't really had an excuse too since Luxray died. I could have sworn I saw the man in the black cloak, but It was just my sleep depraved eyes playing tricks on me again.

- Took some more meds. Lets hope for no nightmares tonight!

- No hope for me. The eyes. Hundreds of them were staring at me. I think I'm gonna have better luck just staying up tonight.

- Luxray's old Chew toy was on my bed. I remember putting it in a box of all his old things, not there.

- No sleep, but I saw them in my window last night. I'm getting out of here.

- In the hotel tonight. Finally... peace at last.

- I think it followed me here.

- Woke up with my stomach covered in scratches. They didn't match the claws of any pokemon I've ever seen.

- I'm going to the library today. Gonna research Desukan.

- Have a big encyclopedia of ghost pokemon, hope this helps.

- Couldn't gonna finish it. Gonna try to sleep tonight.

- Bed is soaked in blood that I'm not entirely sure is all mine. Wounds not bad enough to warrant a hospital visit, but they hurt nonetheless.

- Finished reading it. Didn't help me at all. Going to go back tomorrow.

- I felt a pain in my thigh and woke up to see those eyes staring at me just inches from my face. I Punched at it, and hit solid metal. After that, it disappeared. My thigh was bleeding and my hand hurts.

- I still can't find anything on Desukan.

- Going to bed again.

- It communicated with me. It told me that "For every victim I have, I gain strength. Bring me more victims, and I shall leave you be." "How?" I asked. "Make contact with others." It spreads like a virus, When I make contact with another, they get this curse too. Then they have to make contact with someone else to get rid of it. I'm not gonna do It. I can't ruin someone Else's life.

That's the end of my journal. I think I've made it angry. I hear constant knocking, and I see the eyes on every person look at. It's been thirteen days since Luxray spred the curse too me, and If I'm correct, I only have a few hours until this thing kills me too. So I'm just trying to get some help from you people online. But just listening to my plight has helped me. It makes me happy that people like you care enough to make contact and help people like me. Thank you.

I'm so sorry.
We need some more Gen 5 Creepypasta, and the ones I've seen have all been about the Candle evolution line. So I wrote something for poor ol Desukan. It was inspired by his ability, Mummy.

I don't own Pokemon, Gamefreak does. I'm just a fan.
ArmerSchwarzerKater Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Woah, that's great, and creepy. I wonder why it doesn't have more comments and faves...Awesome creepypasta!
Donfont Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2011
It made me shiver... Great job!
XxFengoxX Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2010


I was listening to this and it started speeding up as I got to the end D:

Heart rathe through the roof
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